About Our Practice

January 1st, 2010

Your health is your most valuable asset. We combine traditional medicine with complementary treatments and lifestyle approaches to seamlessly integrate your health care into your daily life. Our goal is to provide you a level of service that inspires and creates your optimal well being.

Our practice offers a comprehensive, individual approach to family care. We treat the whole person, body and mind, not just the medical issue of the day. Whether your needs are preventive or diagnostic, we will create a unique plan to serve your immediate and long-term goals. Some of our varied services include:

Integrative Family Practice Preventive Medicine
Bioidentical Hormones Osteopathy
Neuromuscular Therapy Power Plate Training
Laser Hair Removal TMJ Treatment
Headache Treatment Thermograms
Blue Light (Acne) Treatment Meyer’s Cocktails
Red Light Rejuvenation Hypnosis
High Quality Supplements….. EMDR

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Blue Light (Acne) Treatment

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